ISSN: 1450-9687 (print edition)                                  ISSN: 2217-9461 (online edition)


Infotheca, Journal for Digital Humanities, is a multidisciplinary journal published biannually in Open Access which publishes original papers that are subject to review by the members of an international Editorial Board.

Digital Humanities are an emerging field, dedicated to research of the usage of information methods and technologies in the Humanities disciplines. Papers in which mathematical models, algorithms, procedures, standards and informatics applications intended for Humanities research are used and improved are all welcome.  Researchers from different disciplines have found their place in the Digital Humanities – Linguistics, Classical and Modern Philology, History, Philosophy, Archaeology, Pedagogy, Culturology, Librarianship, Archival science, Museology, Documentation science, Information Science, Computer Science, Art and many others – Infotheca is intended for all of them.

Infotheca invites authors to submit original papers dealing with different aspects of the Digital Humanities. Some of the desirable topics are:

  • Creation, maintenance and standardization of digital resources for the Humanities;
  • Humanities research supported by the digital media and information technology;
  • Computer methods and computer applications in linguistic, literary, culturological and historical research;
  • Development of methods, resources and tools for Natural Language Processing;
  • Development of methods, standards and procedures for Information Representation and Information Retrieval;
  • Information technologies in Librarianship, Museology and Archival Science and their influence on scientific information systems and scientific communication;
  • Digital art, architecture, movies, theatre and the new media;
  • Impact of E-learning and other forms of teaching and learning supported by educational information technologies;
  • Changes in science, research and publishing under the influence of new technologies;
  • The place of the Digital Humanities at the University and the development of Digital Humanities curricula.